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Because we are in a business area in which the preservation of nature is also very important for our continued existence, sustainable management is a very logical decision for us.

A concept with many facets

We & sustainability

Sustainability is the basis of everything we do and is a constant process for us. We only use green electricity at our company headquarters and encourage e-mobility and cycling among our employees. We work closely and in partnership with our suppliers around the world and together we consider how we can become even more sustainable in the supply chain. Social and fair work at eye level is just as much a part of this as a sustainable harvest for people and the environment or environmentally friendly transport, which outside of Europe only takes place by ship.

Sustainability is a good thing these days.

We Care

That's why we at Walter Lang GmbH have decided to prove it: we have been We-Care-certified since 2021. Not only sustainable action at the company location is considered, but the entire supply chain. In the run-up to the certification, we put ourselves through our paces and our commitment was rewarded: not only are we We-Care-certified , we have also reached the higher level.

This means that we can even print the We Care sustainability seal on our own products. Incidentally, the same applies to products that we manufacture for customers who have also received the We-Care certification at a higher level.

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Bio & We

We keep checking the use of resources at our locations, starting with printer paper through to the complex bottling plants. We use rainwater, for example, to clean our courtyards – and things can get sticky there. When it comes to packaging, too, we always try to get a little bit better. For us, this is the core element of sustainability: not resting on what has already been achieved, but constantly striving for improvement.


When it comes to electricity at both locations, we rely on 100% green electricity, obtained from the local municipal utility. But even if we can use our electricity with a clear conscience, we always make sure not to waste any resources. For example, we have switched the lighting in all production and storage rooms to energy-saving LED technology. When purchasing new machines, attention is always paid to the most economical consumption possible.


Our products are naturally sticky and are therefore best kept in packaging. In doing so, we pay strict attention to becoming more and more sustainable in the packaging. Sometimes it's about the optimization of cardboard trays, where a small change can mean a big cardboard saving if you do it right. Sometimes it's about glasses that are made from recycled glass. Packaging in particular often offers the opportunity to conserve resources.

Bees & Flowers

Honey is our core business. What every child knows from an early age: bees need flowers, otherwise there is no honey. However, bees don't just need flowers, they need the right flowers at the right time. Climate change is always presenting the bee world with challenges: if it rains cats and dogs, the bees cannot fly out to collect nectar. If it is too dry, there are not enough flowers. If it is very cold in spring, everything blooms later than expected.

biological action

Organic is a matter close to our hearts because, for example, organic farming is extremely important even for bees that are not organically certified. The hard-working insects are increasingly suffering from the toxins in the landscape, most of which come from conventional farming. If you let the bees fly out while pesticides are being sprayed three fields away, bee colonies can be seriously damaged. For this reason, biological action is indispensable for us. Of course we are organic certified .