Why should you bottle with us?

Our services at a glance

What sets us apart?

In short, we can do everything ourselves: whether purchasing raw materials worldwide, intensive quality work, bottling according to our customers' wishes, modern products, organic & sustainable...


Our raw material buyers have decades of experience in purchasing in the regions of origin.

Some of them have known our suppliers for generations and are in intensive exchange.


Whether bulk bottling in dispenser bottles or small production of honey specialties in jars: we can offer everything. You can find more about this in the packaging section. While the large, automated filling plants take care of the bulk products, manual work is still required in the specialty area. Each jar is then carefully checked again before it is sealed by hand.


Our products are naturally sticky or liquid and are therefore best kept in packaging. In doing so, we pay strict attention to becoming more and more sustainable in the packaging. Sometimes it's about the optimization of cardboard trays, where a small change can mean a big cardboard saving if you do it right. Sometimes it's about glasses that are made from recycled glass. Packaging in particular often offers the opportunity to conserve resources.


The products are only kept in our warehouses for as short a time as possible, because the fresher the better. After assessment and approval by the quality department, the raw material is stored under optimal conditions for subsequent processing and bottling.


Quality is not just about the raw materials that are refined and bottled. It is about the entire complex system from origin to packaging. Each individual product is examined by us for its specific characteristics: color, consistency, smell and taste. This also includes the analysis of all quality parameters. During preparation and bottling, we regularly take samples and monitor the processes and processing steps. Each processed lot is examined again and may only leave the house after approval by our in-house quality assurance.

Our quality department accompanies the entire production from start to finish. In this way, we can guarantee absolute product safety and the overall premium quality of our products.


Do you want the honey to taste particularly mild or particularly strong? No problem for our sensory well-trained specialists in the processing.

If the quality is right, the product is refined according to customer requirements. This applies primarily to honey. It is cleaned with sieves to remove even the last wax particles.