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Agave syrup light, organic

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Agave syrup - purified, organic, origin: Mexico

Agave syrup is particularly harmonious and very mild in taste, its sweetness is pure and almost neutral. The color is clear and ranges from light yellow to golden yellow. With its high sweetening power and very good solubility, agave syrup is a real alternative to cane and beet sugar!

  • The new sweetener with a wide range of uses:
  • ideal for sweetening drinks,
  • high solubility in all cold and warm media,
  • high sweetness,
  • enhances the natural taste of fruits and dairy foods,
  • increases the juiciness (moisture) in fine baked goods,
  • harmoniously rounds off the aroma of all recipe components,
  • low water content, therefore easy to store,
  • low tendency to crystallize.
Size: 25.5kg
Size: 25.5kg