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We deliver our honey either directly from its origin or from our warehouse in Bremen. You can either purchase it in a quality that is cleaned and prepared to be filled or already filled in jars/squeezers for delivery to the consumer.

For a gentle and quality assuring refinement, we have equipped our production line according to the highest technical standards and requirements.  Detailed specifications, batch-related production logs and a guaranteed traceability belong furthermore to our services.
Our process-oriented Quality Management System completely represents all internal procedures and controls these efficiently. The QM compendium is based on the norm DIN/EN/ISO 9001/2000 and contains an integrated HAACP-System according to the parameters of the Codex-Alimentarius.

Already in 2005, we have fulfilled the certification of the International Food Standard (IFS) on an upscale level as well as the British Retail Consortiums (BRC) Global Standard Food with the highest classification A. We therefore are the first honey importing, refining and filling company on the European market that reaches these high standards.

All raw materials are being checked according to severest requirements in our internal quality laboratory. For official analyses, we work together with accepted and accredited laboratories.
Our long-lasting experiences, the direct contact to the origin and our comprehensive quality assurance make us a competent, reliable partner.


Raw honey

  • You’ve got the choice of 50 different honey types
  • Honey specialities from unique regions
  • Directly from its origin or our warehouse

Honey for industrial use

  • buckets (12,5 und 25 kg)
  • drums (ca. 300 kg)
  • cubitainer (up to 1.500 kg)
  • food tankers (up to 25.000 kg)

Organic Sweeteners

  • Agave syrup        
  • Agave-fruit syrups
  • Rice syrup   
  • Date syrup

Products from the Beehive

  • Comb honey         
  • Bee pollen         
  • Propolis 
  • Royal jelly 
  • Bee wax 
  • Honey mead


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